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How Does Texas Law Affect Out-Of-State Car Accidents?

January 27, 2018

Texas isn’t just a great place to live, we also have a lot to offer out-of-state visitors who come to enjoy the big cities, small towns, white sand beaches, and stunning nature. Almost every day in Texas, you will see out-of-state plates on our highways and roads, so it is only natural that accidents will occur between these visitors and local residents. But how are these situations handled and how does Texas law apply to car wrecks with out-of-state vehicles?

Let’s say an Oklahoma resident comes to Texas and gets in a car wreck with a Dallas, Texas driver. We’ve received many calls asking which state’s law applies in these cases.

Well, the answer is simple. If you come to Texas, you consent to drive under the laws of Texas, meaning that Texas rules and courts apply. If the accident happens in Texas, then Texas has the jurisdiction.

This also applies to insurance requirements. Texas law requires at least $30,000 in coverage for auto liability insurance, but there are many states, including neighboring states like Louisiana, who require less than that.

The real problem arises when many regional insurance companies don’t realize how Texas laws work in regards to auto insurance and fault, or they put up resistance to meeting those requirements. As an individual fighting against insurance companies on your own, it can be a frustrating and almost futile experience trying to explain to out-of-state insurance companies that they are wrong, when all they want to do is protect the bottom line and avoid paying out.

Some insurance companies may try to argue that the minimum coverage for auto liability insurance in Texas does not apply, or that Texas is a “no-fault” state, meaning that you should seek compensation from your insurance company (when Texas is actually an at-fault state).

Many Texans have attempted to recover damages from out-of-state insurance companies, but have given up due to the hassle and run around, which is why it is crucial that you work with an experienced car wreck attorney who knows the laws of Texas and will go to bat for you against out-of-state insurance companies.

An experienced auto accident attorney will be able to contact the involved insurance company to carefully and patiently explain the rules and regulations governing auto insurance and how those apply to all drivers in the state of Texas. If the other insurance company refuses to comply, then an attorney has the ability to file suit against them in court.

Few things can be as frustrating as dealing with the fallout of an accident when you are unexpectedly trying to handle car repairs, medical visits, and missed days at work, all while fighting with an insurance company to recover the damages. But those frustrations are only exacerbated when you throw an out-of-state insurance company into the mix who often needlessly complicate things as you try to hold the at-fault party responsible.

To ease your mind and make the process run smoothly, you should contact the experienced car wreck attorneys at Fears Nachawati. Our team has successfully resolved thousands of car accident claims for the residents of Texas, including many involving out-of-state drivers.

For your free, no obligation legal consultation, please call the auto accident lawyers of Fears Nachawati at (866) 705-7584, or visit one of the offices located throughout the great state of Texas, including in Houston, Dallas, Austin, Fort Worth, and San Antonio.


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