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Hospital Liens – Fraudulent Hospital Liens Have you received treatment from a hospital, commonly arising from an emergency requiring hospital treatment or treatment following an automobile accident, and then received a large bill or bill you believe to be grossly overcharged for the actual services provided by the hospital. Although hospitals are entitled to reasonable payment for services rendered, some hospitals grossly overcharge patients and...

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Non-Compete Agreements

May 20, 2016

Non-compete agreements are popular mechanisms to restrain competition of both current and former employees and can be effective documents to obtain an employee’s pledge of loyalty and commitment to the company. Employers wishing to prevent their employees from working for a direct competitor during and after the term of employment may draft these agreements in an overly broad manner to deter employees from taking competing...

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One common issue amongst people who find themselves in a bad work environment is a pervasive misunderstanding of what statutory qualifications must be met to be the victim of discriminatory employment practices, at least according the Civil Rights Act. This is not saying that discrimination cannot come in many forms, but it must be taken into account that there are numerous laws and acts that...

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The International Marriage Broker Regulation Act (IMBRA) is a statute relevant to the fiancé visa application process. Under this law, an international marriage broker is defined as an organization that charges fees for providing dating and matchmaking services between U.S. citizens and foreign nationals. Dating services that provide comparable services to users regardless of their country of origin and gender are excluded from the definition...

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