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As one might expect, the facts of most criminal cases are in dispute between those involved.  Law enforcement, the complaining witness and the prosecutor see the case one way while the accused and his or her attorney view the case another way.  In this instance, a jury is typically called upon to hear the evidence and testimony in the case and render a verdict accordingly. ...

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Mr. P, 17 years-old, was arrested and charged with Burglary of a Building in Dallas County, Texas.  Mr. P and two friends allegedly entered a locked area of an apartment complex and that one of the suspects had stolen an item from the facility.  Although Mr. P was not found to be in possession of any stolen items at the time of his arrest, it...

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Taylor was charged with Assault Involving Family Violence for allegedly assaulting his mother.  He is 19 years-old and has no prior criminal record.  We encouraged the prosecuting attorney to contact his mother and confirm that their relationship has been repaired and he is not a threat to her safety. Upon confirming these facts we convinced the prosecutor to dismiss the case entirely on the condition...

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