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Fears Nachawati Law Firm proudly sponsored the Junior League of Dallas Annual Ball on Saturday, February 21st, 2015. Fears Nachawati Law Firm is always happy to help and support the Dallas community through donations, community service or giveaways! >

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As one might expect, the facts of most criminal cases are in dispute between those involved.  Law enforcement, the complaining witness and the prosecutor see the case one way while the accused and his or her attorney view the case another way.  In this instance, a jury is typically called upon to hear the evidence and testimony in the case and render a verdict accordingly. ...

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Did you know that in certain instances Dallas County misdemeanor cases can be dismissed through what is known as a “Memorandum Agreement”?  If the client has no prior criminal record it is often possible to negotiate this type of agreement to dispose of the charge.  The terms of the agreement vary depending on the type of case, but typically include 24 hours of community service...

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