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Are Smartphones Creating Dangerous Drivers?

May 23, 2017

The statistics are staggering when you consider how many people are either injured or killed in car accidents because of distracted drivers, many of whom were dealing with their smartphones just before the incident.

The Center For Disease Control and Prevention estimates that eight people are killed every day as a result of a vehicular accident caused by distracted drivers in the United States. That essentially means millions of people are affected by distracted drivers.

A Dallas auto accident law firm, like Fears Nachawati, knows all too well the dangers of distracted driving, as they’ve handled hundreds of cases against drivers that were using their smartphones during an accident.

Seven Ways Smartphones Are Distracting Drivers and Causing Accidents

With new mobile apps created every day, some that directly involve use while driving, we can only assume that accidents involving distracted drivers using their cell phones is going to increase unless we all educate ourselves and use good judgment.

1. Texting While Driving

The percentage of people manipulating electronic handheld devices while driving continues to rise year after year, and texting is the largest reason for that. A 2015 Erie Insurance survey showed that about one-third of all drivers on the road admitted to texting while driving. A person driving at 55 mph, texting for just five seconds, can travel the length of a football field without looking up. That’s a recipe for disaster if an animal, a person, a child, a car, a motorcycle or even a truck happens to move in front of them during that 100-yard span.

2. Checking Email

There are actually three different types of distraction classifications: cognitive, manual and visual. Checking your email on your phone involves all three, as you are manually distracted by taking your hands off the wheel, visually distracted by taking your eyes off the road, and cognitively distracted because your mind is thinking about your emails and not your driving.

3. Managing GPS

Some driving apps, like Waze, ask you to confirm that the passenger is actually doing the manual work on your phone while the car is moving. But even then, a driver can hit a button and push through with their GPS search.

4. Changing Music

This might involve changing the music you’re listening to or even downloading new music onto your phone while you’re driving. Either way, you’re not paying attention to the road like you should be.

5. Talking on a Cell Phone

A researcher at the University of Utah discovered that talking on a cell phone actually quadruples your risk of getting into a car accident, which is similar to the percentages for drunk drivers. (That risk doubles again if you happen to be texting.)

6. Using Snapchat Speed Filter
One of the most dangerous new trends to hit the roadways is the Snapchat filter that shows how fast someone is driving while taking a picture. This has already been the cause of many fatal accidents, and the company has received lawsuits because of it.

7. Taking Photos

Taking pictures with your phone is both visually and manually distracting. Whether you are taking a picture of yourself, others in the car, scenery or a car accident you happen to be driving by, these often result in rear-end collisions.

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