Prozac, Pregnancy, & Pulmonary Stenosis

May 22, 2012

Prozac (fluoxetine) may be effective at treating depression, but it comes with a series of risks that shock many pregnant Prozac patients. For too many families, fetal exposure to maternal Prozac treatments is so significant as to cause permanent, painful birth defects.


What are these Prozac-linked birth defects? Unfortunately, they are many, often relating to a newborn’s heart, lungs, brain, and abdomen. One of the most terrifying cardiac conditions is pulmonary stenosis. Children suffering from pulmonary stenosis experience a narrowing of the leaflets in their heart’s pulmonary valve. Consequently, the heart is placed under unusual, severe strain, sometimes leading to heart failure.


Are you a Prozac patient whose child may have suffered from pulmonary stenosis? Find out about your family’s and your child’s rights under the law. Joining in a class action lawsuit may be an option that is available to you. The attorneys at the Dallas-based firm of Fears Nachawati can help you understand your rights and legal options. For your free consultation, call us at 1.866.545.8364 or email

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