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Environmental, Air, and Water Contamination Law

Environmental and Water Contamination Law

Clean air and water matter to everyone. Everybody should have access to a clean, drinkable water supply and breathable air. Unfortunately, clean water and air is not always available to everyone. Many times, an unclean environment including contaminated air and water are attributable to unwise business practices created by irresponsible corporate practices.  Ultimately, everyone including the taxpayers end up shouldering this burden created by unscrupulous business practices. The only way to hold the responsible parties accountable, protect our environment, and protect our public and private entities is by holding the wrongdoers accountable in our justice system. If you are a public or private entity or community has a problem with your water supply or other environmental contamination issues, our firm has the resources, the experience, and the staying power to implement a policy of remediation and accountability in courts throughout the US. If you would like to speak with our Environmental Law and water contamination team please call (214) 461-6170 or email us at

PFOA and PFOS Contamination

One example of water supply contamination involves the dangerous chemicals known as PFOS and PFOA. These chemicals are part of a class of chemicals known as perfluoroalkyls, which were manufactured and used for decades in firefighting foams widely used in industrial and commercial buildings. For years they were considered to be non-toxic, however, years later these chemicals have seeped into the groundwater and contaminated city water supplies as well as residential wells and harmed people in multiple locations. In 2005, the EPA’s scientific advisory board declared PFOA a “likely human carcinogen.” These chemicals ultimately can lead to cancer, liver damage, immune system deficiencies, and other serious injuries if even a small amount is ingested. By filing a lawsuit against the manufacturers of these dangerous products, our firm can help to hold them accountable and recover compensation for injuries and suffering for those cities and individuals that are affected.

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Time matters-- whether a case impacts an individual or a public entity. Acting quickly and strategically can mean the difference between evidence lost or preserved, or between a wrong-doer getting away or being brought to justice.

Litigation is often complex and very often catches people off-guard, which can leave them vulnerable in unexpected ways. Nationally, our law firm leads the charge in complex cases that include, but are not limited to pharmaceutical litigation and defective medical devices, catastrophic personal injury, and water pollution and environmental damage claims. Fears Nachawati is a highly skilled team of lawyers and professionals with a long track record of success and satisfied clients.

The Fears Nachawati Law Firm is committed to being there when public entities, individuals and businesses need us most. Our attorneys come from diverse backgrounds and practices and are united in our goal of achieving the best results for our clients. Whatever the issue, we are able to quickly assess the situation, understand your goals, and put a legal plan of action in place with the goal of obtaining an effective result.

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