Catastrophic Injury and Death

Catchy nicknames or phrases don’t always lead to a quality law firm. Our solid record of obtaining results has built our reputation and our clients know that we take both their injury and their case seriously. We are able to let our results speak for themselves.

If you are injured through no fault of your own, the situation you can find yourself in is often painful and frustrating, not to mention daunting. While monetary compensation cannot begin to make up for the loss and stress you may now be facing, it can at least help you get back on your feet and allow you to move forward.

Our compassionate staff and caring attorneys are here to help you during this life-changing event. From car accidents, slip and fall accidents, 18-wheeler wrecks, wrongful death, workplace injuries and any other type of accident, we will work to protect your rights. The attorneys at Fears Nachawati Law Firm are highly experienced and effective in personal injury cases and we will ensure that you do not face this situation alone. You have done nothing wrong and should not be made to feel penalized for the condition you are in. Please feel free to visit our personal injury blog for more information.

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Time matters. Whether a case impacts an individual or a public entity, acting quickly and strategically can mean the difference between evidence lost or preserved, or between a wrong-doer getting away or being brought to justice.

We can handle the difficult cases. Litigation is often complex and very often catches people off-guard, which can leave them vulnerable in unexpected ways. Nationally, our law firm leads the charge in complex cases that include, but are not limited to pharmaceutical litigation and defective medical devices, catastrophic personal injury, and water pollution and environmental damage claims. Fears Nachawati is a highly skilled team of lawyers and professionals with a long track record of success and satisfied clients.

We've been there. And will be there. Founded in 2006, the Fears Nachawati Law Firm is committed to being there when people, public entities, and businesses need us most. Our attorneys come from diverse backgrounds and practices and are united in our goal of achieving the best results for our clients. Whatever the issue, we are able to quickly assess the situation, understand your goals, and put a legal plan of action in place with the goal of obtaining an effective result. Click below to learn more about the types of cases we pursue:

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With offices in Texas, Florida, and Colorado, and attorneys licensed in Texas, Florida, Colorado, Arkansas, and Oklahoma, Fears Nachawati is dedicated to attaining the best possible solutions for our clients’ business and personal needs. We are creative, empathetic, and reliable professionals.

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