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Importance of Saving Medical Records After a Work Injury

May 22, 2017

While you know what happened in the accident that caused your work injury and how it affected your life and your health, it’s important to understand that a judge or a jury needs documentation to understand what you know.

The reason? They need to see all the records you have saved to get a bigger picture of what transpired and what someone’s negligence might have caused. You need to provide as much evidence as possible, letting them know how much this incident has changed your way of life, whether temporarily or permanently, and gathering medical records is integral for the case presented by your Houston work injury law firm.

What Records Should I Keep About My Work Accident?

This evidence will help the judge or jury determine the compensation you are owed.

Medical Bills

These documents are likely going to be the most important for your case because it tells the specific issues that happened to your body, with exact costs, and it’s all given by a professional in the medical community.

Prescription Bills

Just as important is the breakdown of how much you had to spend on the medicine to help make you feel better. This is also integral because it gives more insight into the pain and anguish you felt.

Medical Supply Receipts

Did you have to buy a wheelchair? Crutches? A hospital bed? What costs were incurred that weren’t already documented in your medical and prescription bills?

Payment Records

Obviously, the bills are important, but you also want to keep track of things you’ve already paid for. This could include your bank statements, credit card statements and all the receipts for everything you’ve paid for involving this case.

Records For Doctor Visits and Hospital Visits

While your bills might explain how much you’ve paid, there are still all of the doctor and hospital visits you’ve gone on, which includes gas, time off work, treatments, physical therapy sessions, and other things that might help build your case.

Your Own Personal Records of Events

Immediately start logging notes on everything that’s going on with your work injury, including a specific detailed account of what happened. What you’ll find is that later on, reading over these notes, you’ll recall even more specific items you’ll want to add to it. Write about your injury, the process of healing from it, your mental state during the recovery, and anything else you can think of that would help tell your story. How did it affect your family? How did it affect your home life? If you’re seeking emotional damages, these notes can go a long way in helping that effort. Also, get photos and video of the property damage, as well as your personal injuries.

Think of it this way–having too many copies of bills, receipts and notes on doctor visits is much better than having too little.

Fears Nachawati is a Houston work injury law firm that specializes in personal injury cases and will help you understand what medical and personal records you should gather for your lawsuit. Call the Houston offices at (713) 589-6958 to learn more.


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