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Five Tips On How to Manage Road Rage to Avoid Its Dangers

September 2, 2017

Your safety on the highways and roads of this country should be very important to both yourself and your family. They want you to get home safely just as much as you want them to get home safely. But the dangers of “road rage,” which is defined as violent anger and stress caused by frustration involved with driving, is something we need to learn how to control.

If we can learn how to manage road range, not only will we make our families happier because we’ll improve our chances of arriving everywhere safely, but it will also help our fellow motorists arrive home to their families safely, as well.

Five Tips to Managing Road Rage

Fears Nachawati, an Austin auto accident law firm, has seen plenty of cases involving road rage. Consider theseis handful of tips to help you avoid the dangers of road rage. While these tips will help you manage your own road rage, they will also help you avoid triggering someone else’s violent behavior on the road.

  1. Plan Enough Time For Your Drive

Consider adding 10 minutes to your drive to work every day. By doing this and leaving 10 minutes earlier, you won’t be in such a rush, and you can allow those that are in a rush the right of way without endangerment. By adding that extra time, you can stop for a cup of coffee, get gas or get to work early and gain your boss’ favor. Set your clothes out the night before, including whatever your kids might need, as far as lunches or clothes.

  1. Don’t Take It Personally

If someone cuts you off or they’re just driving badly, consider that they might have some extenuating circumstances that are causing them to do these things, whether it’s a family emergency or something happened that has their mind elsewhere. Think about every time you accidentally cut someone off – was it because you hated the person in the other car? No, it was a mistake, and you’re human – just like them!

  1. Avoid Aggressive Music

This sounds silly, but there’s a reason athletes play aggressive rock and rap before an event. It gets their brains in the right frame of mind – to go after a goal aggressively and beat everyone else! You shouldn’t want that same frame of mind when you’re behind a two-ton vehicle. Play a podcast, an audio book, talk radio, or play some relaxing music. Studies show that playing classical music will reduce stress – and you’ll be surprised what kind of organized thinking you can do in that time.

  1. Think About Your Health

The American Psychological Association reports people who are prone to become angry are three times more likely to have a heart attack than those with low anger thresholds. By calming yourself, making your drive a more relaxing one, you’ll also have a better chance of avoiding a stroke and depression.

  1. Self-Examine Your Driving Habits

The American Institute For Public Safety (AIPS) has a RoadRageous Test that will help you understand if you are an aggressive driver. A self-examination like this can help reveal some interesting things about your personality, which will help you manage road rage and avoid its dangers.


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