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Finding a Work Injury Attorney in San Antonio

September 12, 2017

Millions of people are injured on the job every year in America, and thousands of people are accidentally killed each year. As a San Antonio work injury attorney, the law firm of Fears Nachawati Law Firm helps many of those people and their families.

Far too often, the families of the people injured or killed do not get the representation they need, which means they often do not get the right compensation for their wrongful death or injury.

It is important not only to hire the right personal injury attorney in San Antonio, but you also have to make sure you take the right steps to help your case before it even gets to court.

There are several things one can do to help themselves and their work injury attorney win their case.

Injured at Work in San Antonio? Five Tips to Help Your Case

Workers’ compensation is insurance coverage employers provide their employees, in case they are killed or injured on the job, or in case they develop occupational diseases. These five tips will give your workers’ compensation claim its best chance.

Notify Your Employer in Writing — Immediately

Often, people wait too long before letting their employer’s know they have been hurt or exposed to something toxic. Notify your employer within four days of the injury, by law, and you’ll better your chances at winning your case. You should notify them in a written statement, which would start the course of a paper trail, proving they were contacted. Verbal notification should work also, but a written notice is ideal.

Seek Medical Treatment

Most likely, your employer has a medical provider for you to choose an authorized physician from, who will give you medical attention for your workplace injury. You might also have had to make an emergency room visit because of the severity of the injury. Try your best to follow your insurance provider’s guidelines.

Hire a Work Injury Attorney in San Antonio

A San Antonio work injury law firm will represent you in your workers’ compensation case, so you will want them to have experience in cases like yours. Fears Nachawati Law Firm, for instance, has been involved with hundreds of workplace injury cases, giving them experience and knowledge. After spending years at a much bigger law firm, Bryan Fears and Majed Nachawati built up a lot of big-firm experience, but now that they have built their own firm, they can offer the personalization that the big firms cannot.

Document Everything Involving Your Injury

One of the most important things you can do immediately is to start finding all the documents that have to deal with your workplace injury, including emails, notifications, letters, etc. This could also mean taking pictures of the location where the injury happened, or of any machinery involved, and so forth. Think about anything involved with the incident and how you might have received some information that could help your workplace injury attorney.

Collect All Records and Receipts

Everyone always wonders, which records and receipts should you be collecting? Just remember that it is always better to have too many records and receipts than not enough. Any payments to doctors or hospitals, along with any other medical service providers, is something you must hold onto. You will be asking for reimbursement of all of these expenses, as well as any rehabilitation you might have to endure. Then, think about traveling and any other expenses incurred during those trips to the doctor or rehab clinics. Also, chart all the hours of work you had to miss because of the injury.

Call a San Antonio work injury attorney like Fears Nachawati Law Firm at (210) 858-5383, or come down to our offices at 111 Soledad, in Suite 300, San Antonio, Texas, 78205. We have offices all over the state, including Austin, Fort Worth and Houston, as well as our base office in Dallas. We even have offices in Colorado and Florida.


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