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Determining Liability For Big-Rig Accidents

May 21, 2017

One of the worst incidents that can happen on an American highway is when a big, 18-wheel, tractor-trailer gets into a wreck at a high speed rate. Whether it’s the driver losing control and jack-knifing because he was a distracted driver, or a small passenger car caused the accident, it can be difficult determining who is at fault for big-rig wrecks. Since these types of truck accidents often result in fatalities, it’s extremely important to make sure the blame falls in the right laps.

With big-rig trucks driving 60mph or more on major U.S. highways and weighing 80,000 pounds plus–about 25 times heavier than a car, these crashes can be considered catastrophic for nearby motorists.

If you have been involved in one of these incidents and you’re looking for a Fort Worth truck accident law firm, consider Fears Nachawati, who has been involved in these cases many times before. Having their experience on your side of the courtroom could lead to a very costly difference.

Different People Possibly Liable In Big-Rig Accidents

Some might think that there are just two people that could be liable in an accident–the driver of one car and the driver of another. But that’s not the case with large tractor-trailer wrecks.

Truck Driver: Obviously, the truck driver can be at fault if they were driving recklessly while distracted or fatigued. But, it’s also possible that the truck driver wasn’t at fault, considering weather conditions and poorly maintained roads.

Car Driver: Similarly, a car might have caused the accident by their own poor driving. Truck Owner: Depending on the laws and regulations set by the Department of Transportation and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, truck owners could be liable for their drivers’ accidents.

Manufacturer of the Truck: If the trucks or truck parts they manufacture were faulty, they should be held liable.

Company Responsible For Truck Maintenance: If parts weren’t replaced when they needed to be, or if old parts were used when new parts should have been, the maintenance company is at fault.

Loader/Shipper of Truck’s Cargo: If the load carried by the tractor-trailer was improperly loaded, causing the trailer to tip and fall, then there’s more fault to be shared.

Big-rig accidents can be extremely complicated with so many parties possibly involved, so hiring an experienced Fort Worth truck accident law firm like Fears Nachawati is incredibly important. Their team has the experience and the ability to investigate such incidents and get you the most compensation possible. Discuss your case with them to see if your claim is considered a valid one.

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