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Debunking 5 Common Car Accident Myths

May 12, 2017

For the past several decades, we have all seen enough movies and TV shows to think we know how things work with a car accident, from the initial actions to the judicial proceedings when someone is eventually sued and taken to court. Hiring a Dallas auto accident lawyer is your best step toward knowing what is fact or fiction. Popular culture has actually skewed reality for many of us, and there are several common car accident myths that should be straightened out before it’s too late.

5 Common Car Accident Myths

These concepts are not new to us, but we have a different idea of what the reality is because of misinformation we have heard throughout the years.

Myth # 1 Minor Accidents Do Not Cause Major Injuries

The human body is an intricate instrument, and it has amazing healing powers and the ability to recuperate speedily. But the body also gives notice of more serious injuries in the form of small indicators, like bruising, soreness or swelling. Those can be signals that there is a more serious condition that needs help inside the body. You should always seek medical attention after a car accident.

Myth # 2 If You Are Not Hurt Immediately, You Cannot Sue For Injuries Later

In many cases, a person will not feel pain from their injuries immediately after a severe car accident. Your body releases adrenaline into your bloodstream to help you get past whatever danger is in front of you. For this reason, you might not notice injuries for a few days, weeks or even months after an accident. As long as you are within your state’s statute of limitations, you will be able to file an injury claim. But to be safe, you should always seek medical attention immediately.

Myth #3 The Police Will Decide Who Was at Fault

If the accident involves significant damage, then the police should be called, and they will fill out what is called an Accident Report. The report will certainly be used in court, but it is not the police that decide who was to blame – it will be a judge and/or jury. So make sure you bring the police report, pictures, witnesses and your own notes and recollections of how things happened to give yourself the best chance of winning your case.

Myth #4 I Do Not Need a Auto Accident Lawyer For My Claim

There are a few reasons you might want to get a Dallas auto accident lawyer, like Fears Nachawati, on your side after a car accident. If there is any disagreement about whose fault the accident was, or if you need someone to help enforce payment, you will need a lawyer – even if you plan to settle out of court.

Myth #5 Whiplash is Just a Simple Way People Try to Get Money From Insurance Companies

Movies and TV shows have us thinking that whiplash is just something people say to bilk insurance companies out of money, when in fact, whiplash is the common term for an injury suffered after a sudden, forceful movement of the neck. That sudden movement is most common in car accidents, even minor ones, when the head is jerked to one side. That movement causes neck sprains and serious head injuries, along with back pain and possible disk problems. These injuries are serious, require proper medical attention and could take months to recover and still might result in permanent damage.
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