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How Do I Choose a Personal Injury Attorney?

May 10, 2017

Have you been in a serious accident and are in need of a Fort Worth personal injury attorney? It’s important to find someone that is competent and experienced who can properly represent you in litigation and get you proper compensation. But there’s more to choosing the right representation than just looking for someone that’s been doing it for a while.

5 Questions For Choosing a Forth Worth Personal Injury Attorney

There are several different things to keep in mind when you’re choosing a lawyer to represent you, either in the courtroom or in settlement negotiations. After doing a cursory search online or in the yellow pages, discover the answers to the following questions before making a final decision on who to hire as your personal injury lawyer.

What’s The Firm’s Reputation?

Try to discover the law firm’s reputation within their community. Are they active in helping the disadvantaged? Do their employees consider them a great place to work? Are people filing complaint after complaint about them? Also, are they a law firm that always settles? You want one that isn’t afraid to go to court to fight for you if they have to. You should also look to see what their disciplinary record is to see if they’ve been suspended or had complaints filed against them.

What Kind of Lawyer Are They?

When you think of doctors, you have general practitioners and then you have specialists. Depending on what your situation is, you might need a lawyer that only deals with personal injury cases. Even if you have a personal lawyer already, they might refer you to a personal injury attorney because that’s something they are more familiar with.

Are They Flexible or Solely Focused?

Even within the realm of personal injury law, there are several different specializations in that category. For instance, some lawyers might specialize in injuries sustained by car accidents, while some deal with work injuries, and others represent people injured by a defective product. It might be difficult to find someone that specializes in what you need, but getting a lawyer that is flexible is helpful because they bring in their experience in other types of cases into this area.

Where Are They Located?

Obviously, having a lawyer that’s close by is better than one that’s more remote from where you live or work. But remember that a Fort Worth personal injury attorney like Fears Nachawati has offices in several other cities, like Dallas, Houston, San Antonio and even Denver and Tampa. Regardless of where their offices are, you need lawyers that are licensed to practice law in the state you were injured.

Are They Winners?

This sounds obvious, but figure that for every winning law firm, there’s also a losing law firm. The thing you really want to focus on is why are they losing. In other words, are they losing because they’re not filing things properly, or they’re not interviewing witnesses or doing enough background work? Knowing the answers to these questions will aide you in choosing the best lawyer for you.

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