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USC Sexual Assault Cases

Lawsuits are mounting against the University of Southern California (USC) and their former gynecologist, Dr. George Tyndall, for allegations of ongoing and repeated sexual abuse of his patients during his decades of work for the university. School officials were aware of complaints against his conduct as early as the 1990s, but he continued to practice in his role as the school’s only full-time gynecologist.

During his more than 30 years at the school, he is believed to have seen tens of thousands of patients, many of whom were receiving their first gynecological visits and may not have been aware that the treatment, conduct, or comments they received from Dr. Tyndall were inappropriate and predatory.

While lawsuits have already been filed against the university and Tyndall in both federal and state court, it is believed that there are possibly many other victims who have yet to come forward. Some of these women may be struggling with the emotional trauma of being abused or taken advantage of while in the hands of a doctor that they believed they could trust, but it is important to come forward and hold the USC officials and the gynecologist accountable for the wrong done to women and to help ensure that warning signs or complaints like this are never again ignored, allowing the abuse to silently continue.

The current allegations made against Dr. Tyndall include making patients be fully nude for exams, taking inappropriate photos, groping patients, and other forms of sexual misconduct or practices that were not medically necessary. The university in turn faces allegations that it concealed the doctor’s sexual abuse, ignored complaints, and allowed him continued access to female students at USC.

While many victims of this type of sexual assault may be afraid to come forward, it is important to hold Tyndall and school officials accountable for what happened over the course of decades and to ensure that this culture of toxic abuse and silence comes to an end.

The law firm of Fears Nachawati is here to help former USC students who have faced sexual abuse by the USC gynecologist and to receive some semblance of justice after their trust was taken advantage of and violated.

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