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Hernia Mesh

If you or a loved one has suffered complications or injuries as a result of a hernia mesh implant, you may be eligible to file a hernia mesh lawsuit and receive compensation. Thousands of individuals have filed suit and these hernia mesh manufacturers have already been found liable for hundreds of millions of dollars through class action lawsuits and individual claims.

Hernia mesh implants have become a popular solution for patients facing any kind of hernia and are used to support the weakened or damaged tissue. The hernia mesh is primarily meant to help reduce the recurrence of a hernia and to reduce the recovery time.

Unfortunately, the safety of these implants has been called into question after numerous patients faced a range of serious medical complications after surgery. Most commonly, the mesh can move or shrink and subsequently cause bowel perforations, organ damage, obstructions, and require additional surgery. These complications are more likely to occur if the device is faulty or uses a polypropylene coating. The symptoms to be on the lookout for after hernia mesh surgery are constipation, fever, irritable bowel, severe pain, urinary issues, or fatigue, and they should be reported to your doctor immediately.

These types of hernia repair surgeries have become commonplace, with the FDA estimating that there are over one million hernia repairs each year. While the use of mesh products may be beneficial in certain hernias, it should be noted that no form of hernia treatment is without potential problems. But more troubling though, is that court documents have shown that the manufacturers of hernia mesh devices have been aggressively marketing and promoting their products for the repair of small hernias which could be treated in less invasive ways and which don’t lead to so many long-term complications. Oftentimes, these hernia mesh complications may not arise until years after the surgery has been performed.

If you or a loved one has suffered medical complications as a result of your hernia mesh implant, then you may be able to seek compensation and hold the manufacturer accountable.

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