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3 of the Most Common Criminal Defense Cases Attorneys Take

January 29, 2018

Thousands of criminal cases are filed and tried in the state of Texas each month. If you are facing serious legal charges, then hiring a criminal defense attorney is the best step you can take to successfully defend yourself and to reduce the risk of a disastrous outcome.

While there are a wide range of criminal defense cases that attorneys see throughout their careers, there are also a few types of cases which arise much more frequently in their practice.

Crimes Against Property

Any criminal act that results in the taking or destruction of someone else’s property falls under the category of crimes against property, and include things such as burglary, theft, or fraud.

While crimes against property are not usually considered as serious as violent crimes, there are still instances which can lead to felony charges with serious, life-altering consequences.

But even a misdemeanor charge related to theft or burglary can severely impact your ability to pass a background check or to get a job in the future, as many potential employers look for signs of dishonesty and will quickly dismiss you from consideration, regardless of the circumstances.

Charges related to vandalism or arson could severely limit your ability to rent an apartment or home, or limit your access to affordable insurance.

Drug and Alcohol Crimes

The production, sale, or manufacture of controlled substances can result in very serious consequences, and many first-time offenders are surprised to learn how vigorously Texas prosecutes drug offenses. Even first-time offenders can face the possibility of a felony charge and a prison sentence.

One of the most important considerations in a drug charge is the manner in which the illegal substances were obtained by law enforcement and whether they followed the proper legal procedures related to search and seizure, as protected by the Fourth Amendment.

Crimes related to alcohol, most specifically cases involving DUIs or DWIs in the state of Texas are also cases frequently handled by criminal defense attorneys.

Violent Crimes

Violent crimes are considered among the most serious offenses and include such crimes as murder, rape, robbery, and aggravated assault. Having a history of violent crime on your record will impact almost every aspect of your life, including the ability to get a job, find a place to live, or even your family life.

Certain types of violent crimes may limit your ability to seek probation or may include mandatory minimums in the event of a conviction and prison sentence. These violent crimes typically involve allegations of serious bodily injury or even death, so the state of Texas will prosecute these cases aggressively.

Criminal Defense Attorneys

If your life has been brought to a standstill due to criminal charges, then you need a dedicated team of experienced criminal defense attorneys like those at Fears Nachawati. We have successfully represented many cases in state and federal courts related to the most common criminal defense cases above, and we maintain a formidable track record of dismissals, no bills, and acquittals.

Our team will ensure that your best interests are represented, and we will stand by your side as you face this difficult situation.

Contact us today to schedule your free initial conversation by calling (866) 705-7584, or by visiting the offices of Fears Nachawati located throughout the great state of Texas, including in Houston, Dallas, Austin, Fort Worth, and San Antonio. The sooner we can discuss your case, the sooner we will be able to get to work helping you.


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